The company

“Sea World” was established 25 years ago when Vasilis and Dimitris, founders of the company, shared their mutual dreams and ambitions. At first they didn’t have in mind to create a business empire. They simply wanted to ensure that their business venture would be successful. Hard work, morality and principles combined with bold and innovative business moves, transformed their business from a small local company to the only Greek group of companies in seafood products.

The first step had been made in Karditsa, their hometown. In their technologically advanced facilities they apply standard specifications for the process and standardization of seafood products. In the same facilities are located the head offices of the company. The company has an expertise in processing seafood products and uses advanced technology and know-how. Also “Sea World” collaborates with international commercial houses in the field of processing and marketing seafood products. As a result the company invests constantly in its infrastructures.

The next step was the placing of products on the market and the innovative idea of creating the first retail shop in Karditsa by the company name “Thalassios Kosmos”. The start had been made and what followed next was the success of “Sea World”. Consumers responded in a positive way and welcomed their venture, giving them the strength and enthusiasm they needed to work even harder. Having a successful start, their vision of creating retail franchise stores became real. Today they have broaden the company’s borders and the firm counts 20 stores in different Greek cities. Moreover, in the past two years they have launched their products in the market of the greek capital, Athens. Motivated by the recognition they gained and having valuable experience from running “Thalassios Kosmos”, a new chain store becomes member of the “Sea World” group. “Ichthyoskala” (the greek word for fish auction), as indicated by the name, is the new concept for fresh seafood products, caught in the Greek seas. “Ichthyoskala” has a significant presence in the market with two stores, one in Karditsa and another in Trikala.

Today, the company evolves constantly and launches innovative ideas like changing its corporate identity and creating “Sea Cooking” in parchment paper, a new service available in stores.

These two businessmen, experienced and well respected, continue with the same urge and passion pursuing their dreams, creating a big Greek company and making Central Greece and their hometown Karditsa, a city far from sea, a landmark as far as “Thalassios kosmos” and “Ichthyoskala” is concerned.