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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed to your computer or device when you visit a website. They store information about your visit so that the websites remember some of your preferences such as the pages you visited.

Those information are anonymous. A website can access only the cookies it created and it is not possible to be accessed by other websites.

Types of cookies

There are two types of cookies, session cookies and persistent cookies.

  • Session cookies are temporary. They are stored to your device during your visit and are deleted when you leave the website.
  • Persistent cookies are stored to your device until they expire and are activated each time you visit the website that created them.

Why are we using them?

We use cookies for the optimal function of our website. They help the website "remember" your preferences on our website, such as the preferred display language.

Also, we use cookies send information to third party services, such as Google Analytics. It help as monitor the performance of our website and collect anonymous information for statistical purposes, in order to understand how the users use our website and improve it.

In case you visit another website using the links we provide, then the respective website may store cookies to your device according to its cookies policy, which may differ from ours.

Refusing cookies

Most browsers are set by default to accept cookies. If you don't wish it, you can delete them or deactivate them. In that case you should advice your browser's help section.

We advice the acceptance of cookies, as deactivating them may cause reduced functionality on our website.