About us.

25 years ago, we had an idea about how could everyone eat more fish and seafood of the finest quality at competitive prices.

What did we do?

We established Sea world, a company that would fulfill our dreams.

Since then, Sea world specializes in sea and its fish (fresh & frozen) processing, standardization and retail sale.

As the company grew, we had one more tasty idea.


How could the traditional, healthy, delicious cooking rejoin the modern-day cuisine, fresh, quick and easy?


Using parchment paper and a piece of cooking twine…
Inspired by Greek traditional slow cooking, we wrapped our centuries-old tradition with a fresh twist.


Handmade paper cooking pot

Registered as a patent by Hellenic Industrial Property Organization (Nr. 1008898).


Each recipe's authentic ingredients are sealed in the "handmade paper cooking pot".
Place it in preheated oven, at 200°C, directly from the freezer.
The "pot" holds the steam inside it. The ingredients are cooked in their own juice, at temperature not exceeding 100°C.


Balanced, healthy and well cooked food preserving all its natural characteristics.


Sea food meals
in parchment paper

Consumers loved them at first bite.
Is it your turn yet?

Our concept.

Our Sea food meals in parchment paper series is a tantalizing business proposition!

• A unique innovative proposition for any catering professional.
• A groundbreaking product based on traditional slow cooking with a twist.
• A multi-faceted tool that will save you time and trouble.
• Recipes selected by renowned chef Kostantinos Vasalos.

What they offer you?

Straight talk.

• Fish and seafood, cleaned and marinated.
• All recipe's ingredients are inside the parchment paper (down to olive oil and salt)!
• Read the cooking instructions and pop it in the oven.
• Without soiling the kitchen or any utensils.
• Haute cuisine cooking in minimum time.

What could be easier?

Sea & Land

• Fish and seafood of excellent quality.
• Freshly frozen at sea, only a few minutes after they're caught.
• No preservatives. No food coloring. No flavor enhancers.
• Dressed in extra virgin olive oil, spices and herbs from the Greek countryside.

Value for money.

• Highly nutritious product.
• Versatile maritime menu for the discerning food lover.
• Extremely competitive prices.

A sea of possibilities.

• As nutritious as varied and imaginative.
• Α composition of:
a) Marinated whole fish, fish fillets or seafood.
b) Spices/herbs.
c) Pasta, rice, potatoes or vegetables.
• Gluten-free range of meals.

Innovation unleashed.

• Traditional cooking method with innovative fresh twist.
• A new-generation product that fits the nutritional and practical needs of modern-day life.
• Certified by Industrial Property Organization and patented as an industrial design (certificate Nr. 6003721).

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